7Our company produces waterproofing any objects quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee
We will pick you may need waterproofing system.
Our materials are used: 
  • For construction of new and old roofs waterproofing. 
  • For waterproofing basements, foundations, basements, tanks, sanitary facilities, water treatment plants, septic tanks, all constructions.
  • For waterproofing of swimming pools, including gluing tiles.
  • To protect the polyurethane foam and other surfaces from external influences.
  • To protect and restore the appearance of the roof tile, slate.
  • Waterproofing under screed, in wet areas - under the tile.
Detailed information about the kinds of waterproofing you can explore in our articles.

Under waterproofing understand a set of measures aimed at ensuring the protection of buildings and constructions of various kinds from moisture . Waterproofing rabotynapravleny improve the barrier properties of building materials, ensuring the normal operation of the building . It includes protection against water and moisture , ie : elimination of water leaks , drainage , injection work , applying waterproofing membrane , protecting the joints , concrete repair , protection valves, sealing glands embedded pipes , ventilation , etc.

Depending on what is required to isolate the characteristics of the soil, and many other factors determine the best in each individual case gidroizolyatsii.Na view today in the construction of new buildings and renovation of old ones using different kinds of waterproofing, each of which has its own effective depending on the tasks that are put in front of him.