Roofing - is the building services that are associated with the device roofs, insulation of roofs and roof repairs.

We use advanced building technologies, and our specialists are highly skilled and experience that allows us to perform the installation of roofing and roofing work of any complexity. We strictly adhere to all standards and regulations. All materials that we use for the repair of the roof, are certified and meet quality standards. Incarnation of your projects - in our hands!
Школа №63 г. Донецк (Производились работы по устройству скатной кровельной системы)  10  Ресторан «Coast» г. Днепропетровск (Производились работы по устройству гидроизоляции подземной части здания)

Repair and construction company " Denise " sold more than 500 objects of varying complexity and wide range of applications.
Before the actual arrangement of the roof of our experts will make the necessary measurements and payment . It provides the basic technical characteristics of the project , the optimal proposal , listing the necessary materials and the price of the work carried out by us . To order a preliminary calculation of the cost of roofing work , check rates and seek advice on any questions you can contact our experts via telephone .

Denis company performs types of roofing work:

  • travel specialist on the subject, the calculation;
  • assistance in selecting the necessary materials and components;
  • installation of roof system of any complexity;
  • installation of steam, hydro and acoustic insulation materials (insulation of roofing);
  • design, construction and insulation of the attic installation and repair of all types of roofs and roofing components;
  • installation of roof windows (also finished in the roof);
  • installation of drainage system (drain);
  • installation of siding (vinyl, metal);
  • installation of wall panels;
  • manufacture of articles (additional elements: skate, sills, window sills, etc.) of sheet metal;
  • warranty service;
  • installation of a roof (flat, pitched);